Marin Archery Range

Range Rules

Note: Rules, procedures, and etiquette help keep the range a safe, orderly, and friendly place. These rules are for everyone's protection, including your own. Please read them carefully, and know them before using the range. Unsafe conduct or any violation of these rules and procedures may result in suspension of range privileges.

  1. Activities restricted to archery.
  2. No hunting or firearms allowed.
  3. Alcohol and drugs strictly prohibited.
  4. Minors must be supervised by an adult.
  5. All users must have a signed waiver on file.
  6. Shooting Procedure
    • BEFORE SHOOTING, check to see no one is in target area. Calling “CLEAR TO SHOOT!” is helpful.
    • Shoot only from the designated shooting line at the target in your lane.
    • No cross-fire, high draws (“sky draws”), or horseplay. Be respectful of fellow archers.
    • Step back from the shooting line when done shooting.
    • AFTER SHOOTING, collect arrows only after range is confirmed “CLEAR TO RETRIEVE!"
  7. Archers are requested to keep the range tidy at all times. Pick up all trash.
  8. Only paper, vinyl, neoprene, cardboard, and foam targets may be used. Attach targets with target pins. Adhesive, explosive, frangible, or organic targets (e.g. stickers or tape, tannerite, CDs, glass bottles, fruit, etc.) are not allowed.
  9. Waivers for guests under the age of 18 must be signed by a parent or guardian.
  10. All persons using the range do so at their own risk.


To request maintenance or report a safety concern, call or text 415-862-7769